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BA & Northern Highlights / 18 days



  • 7 golf rounds Best courses
  • 4 nights Buenos Aires
  • 5 nights Salta & Cafayate
  • 1 night Purmamarca, Jujuy
  • 4 nights Mendoza "Wine"
  • 3 nights Iguazu "The Falls"
  • Purmamarca & Humahuaca
  • Quebrada de las Conchas Tour
  • Tupungato Winelands Golf Club
  • The Falls Argentina & Brazil

Itinerary / 100% Flexible

Day 1 - Reception EZE Aiport & Transfer to Hotel - Day at Leisure

Buenos Aires is an elegant and the busiest city in South America which represents the Argentine essence. In spite of its modern constructions and dynamic activity, it has managed to preserve old traditions and charming corners. Visitors are fascinated by its environment, the individuality of each of its neighbourhoods, the cordiality of its people, and its wide selection of cultural and commercial opportunities. Buenos Aires, surrounded by Argentina s splendid countryside, is the great cosmopolitan doorway to South America

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Day 2 - In the morning: Buenos Aires Private City Tour - Day at Leisure

The tour  visits the most important spots in the spectacular city of Buenos Aires. At the first stop you will discover the history of “May Square”, the site of the most important historical events and where their protagonists made history since its foundation where you can see its surroundings, the most emblematic buildings, and learn all about them. Then enjoy May Avenue and wonder in awe at the oldest residential neighborhood in Buenos Aires: San Telmo. Walk along its cobble-stoned streets and discover its antiques shops and picturesque buildings. Live and feel the original Tango in the neighborhood of La Boca: walk along “Caminito Street” and enjoy the dancers and souvenir shops. See the mythical Boca Juniors soccer stadium. Contemplate the modernization of the city whilst traveling along “Madero Port” and its exclusive docks, full of excellent restaurants and large office buildings. Pass through the Retiro neighborhood and move on to see Palermo and its most exclusive residential area before finally arriving at Recoleta. Once there, discover the final resting place of Eva Peron, “Evita” and wander through Recoleta Cemetery where she is to be found.

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Day 3 - Golf Round at "Olivos Golf Club"

Olivos Golf Club is a course of 27 holes in an extension with Important unleveling, beautiful trees and greens of excellent quality and design. Founded in 1926 and designed by Luther Koontz. Considered one of the best golf courses in Argentina and one of the best in South America. It has hosted the Argentine Open, the Masters and the Argentinian "Golf World Cup on 2010"

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Day 4 - Golf Round at "Pilar Golf Club" - with Carts

This course of 27 holes was designed by the American Company Ronald Frend. It is a course essentially long, waved and fairways flanked by hills and trees strategically placed, mainly coniferous, in addition to water hazards in a good amount of holes. Fairways are of Bermuda grass and they are in very good conditions all the year round. Pilar Golf Club is a links course, considered one of the most modern and fascinating course from Argentina.

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Day 5 - Flight to Mendoza (MDZ) / Airport pick up and transfer to hotel - Day at Leisure

It closeness to the Andean Cordillera Mountain range turns it into an unbeatable destination for adventure tourism. You can enjoy endless and marvellous hikes, horse rides through the greenery of the landscape, nautical sports in its crystalline waters, mountaineering, The renowned Wine Route deserves a chapter of its own; on it travellers can visit hundred year old wine cellars and sample excellent vintage wines produced out of carefully selected grapes. Mendoza is known as the wine capital .

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Day 6 - Golf Round "Mendoza Club de Campo Golf" - with pull carts / caddies

This golf course with 18 holes is at the bottom of the Andes mountain range in the town of Guaymallen, It has a beautiful design with broad fairways bordered whit pines trees and other tree varieties , lakes estrategily placed to provide an extra challenge to the players. The greens are very well kept with a lot of downwards. It counts with the only driving range in the province and polo and tennis courts. It is par 72 with 6704 yards.

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Day 7 - Wine Tour Mendoza visiting selected wine cellars - Lunch at vineyard

While in Mendoza, it is impossible to resist the temptation to visit the wineries that have made this province so famous. Mendoza is one of the most important winemaking poles in Argentina. Its wines have acquired worldwide recognition for their taste, aroma and color, especially its “malbec”. Our guide will teach us about wine from Mendoza, its elaboration process, vineyard’s conduction systems, and wine tasting secrets and techniques. We will have lunch in a recognized winery, where we will enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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Day 8 - Golf Round "Tupungato Winelands Golf Course" - with Carts

This is the  first golf course in Argentina where only fairways and greens are irrigated, thus preserving native vegetation and making the most out of natural topography while enhancing the landscape and its flora. It is located at 1,200 ms over sea level, surrounded by 60 hectares of dessert- like landscape, with magnificent views of the mountains and the 400 hectares of private vineyards in the real estate propery. The layout was created in an integrated manner with the rest of Tupungato Winelands (parcels, hotel and polo fields),maximizing the synergy of the whole place. 

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Day 9 - Flight to "Salta" (SLA) / Airport pick up and transfer to "Cafayate" - wine area

Salta, La Linda, is not a excessive nickname as it is the most smart and refined village along the Northwest of Argentina which has grown because all the support given by the Tourism. It invites us to visit the Calchaquíes Valleys traveling to Cafayate and Cachi, where we discover wineries that are internationally known. We ascend to San Antonio de los Cobres on board the famous Train to the Clouds. We can take advantage of this place to have some adventure like trekking or riding a horse through the beautiful nature in San Lorenzo. A full Salta so we can never forget about it.

Cafayate "Wine area":
Cafayate is a town in the province of Salta, in northwestern Argentina. It is located in the Calchaquíes valleys, an area known for its reddish rock formations. There are several vineyards in the area and, in the locality, the Museum of Vine and Wine explain the production process of this product. Near the town square is the Rodolfo Bravo Regional and Archaeological Museum, with objects from local excavations, and the 19th century Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary.

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Day 10 - Golf Round "Estancia de Cafayate Wine Course" - with Carts / Afternoon: Wine Tour "Bodega El Esteco"

One of the largest golf courses in South America, designed by Bob Cupp. Made up of 18 holes, the par 72 course Measures 7600 yards. The high elevation, sand dunes and long views makes this a course of strategy and thought. Since the course has few trees, the effects of the wind make the game even more exciting and players will be reliable to choose Their Desired degree of difficulty.  Surrounded by groves of olive trees, expansive vineyards, and native areas With its exotic flora, the game of golf is a return to the sheer joy of play in natural setting. Ultimately, golf at La Estancia de Cafayate is reduced considerably different then the style somewhat ignobly Known around the world as American. This is more the way of The Original Game.

Afternoon: Wine Tour "Bodega El Esteco"
Cafayate is the epicenter of the Salta wine route (which goes to Cachi),and has a hundred wineries and vineyards to visit. This time we visit Bodega El Esteco Cafayate, located in the heart of Salta. This vineyard produces premium wines of great character, with a team of people that convey the philosophy of quality and inherited by generations combined with innovative spirit. The winery was founded in 1892 when brothers David and Salvador Michel (of French Basque origin) planted the first vines in place, attracted by the unique conditions of Cafayate Valley terroir.

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Day 11 - Salta by "Quebarada de las Conchas Route Tour" - Calchaquies Valleys

The nature reserve Quebrada de las Conchas, also known as Quebrada de Cafayate is located within Calchaquies Valles. This gorge is an area of great beauty and very striking for its red rock formations colorations. The gorge is a geologically modern accident, caused by tectonic movements that took place in the last two million years. The creek and within the reserve runs the Conchas River where the trace of the National Route 68 is, linking the town of Cafayate to Salta.

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Day 12 - Golf Round "Salta Polo Golf Club" - with Caddies / Afternoon: Salta City Tour

This golf couse was founded in the year 1956 in a field of 40 ha . It is placed between the Polo court and the old airport. The high temperatures of the argentine north produce very swift greens and fairways. Salta Polo Club is a 6760 yards for gentleman and a 5863 for ladies.

Afternoon: Private Salta City Tour
Today the city has grown considerably, but keeps intact the colonial spirit in many of its most important monuments and houses, making it the best city in Argentina which has preserved its architectural legacy. The city tour in Salta City consists of a walk short distances linking its historic monuments, the city centre and its outskirts.

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Day 13 - Purmamarca & Salt Flats Tour / Night Purmamarca, Jujuy

Depart from Salta heading northwards, to visit the 'Salinas Grandes,' or Salt Flats, located between Salta and Jujuy provinces.
These massive salt flats are like a white desert spread out evenly for miles and miles. Enjoy picturesque views and a guided tour to learn about this fascinating natural phenomenon. We will travel along the same route as the famous Train to the Clouds, zigzagging on lonely roads between the blue sky and the high desert plains. Finally, later in the afternoon we will arrive to our comfortable hotel in Purmamarca, located at the base of Jujuy´s famed 7-colored mountain. Overnight in Purmamarca.

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Day 14 - Humahuaca & Hill of Seven Colors Tour Guide - Return to Salta

The Humahuaca Canyon is a region rich in history and traditions. This area has been used as road and settlement over ten thousand years, and today still retains architectural and archaeological sites that are testimony to its long history and a population that keeps ancient customs. It forms a natural corridor toward North-South, which stretches across the Rio Grande basin and that communicates the Jujuy Valley with the Puna region. In 2003, during a meeting held in Paris, has been declared by UNESCO as a "World Heritage Site", in the category "Cultural Landscape".

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Day 15 - Flight to Iguazu (IGR) / Airport pick up and transfer to hotel - Day at Leisure

This natural spectacle, considered one of the wonders of the word, originated more than two hundred thousands years ago on the site, today known as "Hito de las tres fronteras", where the river Iguazu and the river Parana come together and is the frontier among Argentina, Paraguay and Brasil. This geological break offers you the natural spectacle more visited of the argentine north : the Iguazu falls.

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Day 16 - Private Tour "The Falls" Argentina side - Grand Adventure 4x4 & Boat Trip to "The Falls"

The tour leaves from the hotel to visit the Argentinean side of the Iguazú Falls, 67.000 hectares long, located within Iguazú National Park, one of the first protected areas of America. They are made up of 275 falls thundering down from a 70 meter average height. In this section of the rainforest, a huge variety of ferns, orchids,  begonias, birds  and butterflies can be seen while walking plus the walking plus the diversity of native species this Park  has to offer.  We are on our way to Estación Central  ,  where we will take  a train  to Estación Cataratas and/or Estación Garganta del Diablo. Another way of reaching the Cataratas Upper and Lower Circuits is through the pedestrian trail Sendero Verde, 600 mts long, which starts at the Visitor Center and ends in Estación Cataratas.

Iguazu Grand Adventure Tour ( 4x4 & Boat trip):
The Grand Adventure tour of Argentina’s Iguazu Falls will get your heart racing with this adrenaline pumping adventure experience and provide you a different way of seeing this breath-taking natural landmark.

The Iguazu Falls Great Adventure excursion will begin inside Argentina's National Park of the Iguazu Falls. This Iguazu adventure tour sets off on an exciting 8 kilometre trail through the depths of the Misiones jungle along the Yacartia and Puerto Macuco jungle trails. You will be driven there by 4x4 truck, giving you an unforgettable and thrilling experience. The adventure excursion will continue with an exhilarating 6 kilometre boat trip along the Iguazu river which will take you along 2 kilometres of turbulent river rapids. Feel the rush of adrenaline as the Iguazu motor-boat tour takes you twisting and turning to the foot of the powerful and deafening gorge of the Devil’s Throat. From this enormous gorge, the Iguazu boat tour will come to an end at the beautiful Island of San Martin where you can sit back and relax after your close encounter with the falls.
If you are a traveller looking for an adventure filled activity, then the Iguazu Falls Gran Aventura tour is definitely for you! Be prepared to get a shower under the falls!

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Day 17 - Private Tour "The Falls" Brazilean side - Helicopter over the Falls experience!

The Brazilian side of the waterfalls lies across the river. It is the same geographic feature, as nature has no borders, but from the Brazilian side, visitors may appreciate the falls from a different perspective.
Rumor has it that the waterfalls are different “on the other side”. They look larger, more visual, and ideal to take a huge panoramic picture and share it with acquaintances, family and friends.

The truth is that on the Brazilian side, the waterfalls are just the same, but visitors may catch a complete glimpse of their front view, as well as of their grandness, due to the geographic situation of Parque Nacional do Iguaçú, which we reached by car from the City of Puerto Iguazú. Parque Nacional do Iguaçu is wonderful from every point of view and, just like its Argentinian equivalent, it is nestled in the heart of this green thick rainforest where palm trees, climbing plants, bamboo and ivy are common and give shape to an almost impenetrable layer.

Unforgettable Helicopter Experience Over the Falls:

On the Brazilian side, it is possible to have a unique experience by flying over the famous Iguazú Waterfalls at a prudent distance. These flights offer a majestic view of this geographical wonder of waters and falls. The sign located on the road invited us to a unique experience: flying over the Iguazú Waterfalls on a helicopter. This is one of the many flights leaving everyday from the Brazilian heliport. In a matter of minutes, they unveil the mystery of the falls from the air and they show how the Iguazú River continues its course until it empties into the Paraná River. Flying over the waterfalls on a helicopter is a tour like no other. It shows a unique sight of this place, which features the necessary magic to please the most demanding of mortals, even those who believe they have already seen everything.


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Day 18 - Golf Round at "Iguassu Golf Club" with Carts - After Golf: Flight Back Buenos Aires

Iguassu Golf Club is located in the triple frontier of Paraguay , Brasil and Argentine , 8 Km , far from the Iguazu Falls from the Brasilian side. Besides the wonderful beauty of the environment, this course is very well known for its excellent maintenance and challenging greens design. In fact this tourist resort counts with all the comfort of a five starts Hotel with an integral sport infrastructure.

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Program Includes

Buenos Aires:
• 4 nights accommodation
• Daily Breakfasts
• Golf Round “Pilar Golf Club” (Carts)
• Golf Round “Olivos Golf Club”
• Preferential Tee Times / Carts or pull Carts depending course.
• Golf Courses & Airport Transfers
• Buenos Aires Private City Tour

• 4 nights accommodation
• Daily Breakfasts
• Golf Round "Mendoza Club de Campo Golf” (with pull Carts)
• Gof Round “Tupungato Winelands Golf Course” (with Carts included)
• Golf Courses & Airport Transfers
• Wine Tour visiting selected wine cellars (lunch at vineyard included)

Salta, Cafayate & Purmamarca:
• 2 nights accommodation Salta
• 2 nights accommodation Cafayate, Salta
• 1 night accommodation Purmamarca, Jujuy
• Daily Breakfasts
• Golf Round "Estancias de Cafayate Golf” (with Carts)
• Gof Round “Salta Polo Golf Club” (Caddies)
• Private Salta City Tour
• Quebrada de las Conchas  & Calchaquies Valleys Tour
• Wine Tour “Bodega El Esteco” Cafayate
• Purmamarca Land Transfer from Salta "Salt Flats Tour"
• Humahuca & Hill of Seven Colors Tour Guide - Return to Salta
• All Private Transfers and Tours

• 3 nights accommodation
• Daily Breakfasts
• Golf Round "Iguassu Golf Club" (with Carts)
• Golf Courses & Airport Transfers
• Full Day Private Tour "The Falls" Argentina
• Grand Adventure Tour 4x4 & Boat Trip "The Falls"
• Full Day Private Tour "The Falls" Brazil side
• "Helicopter Experience" over the Falls


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Dazzler Tower Palermo Buenos Aires
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Hotel Sofitel Buenos Aires
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